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Women Empowerment
Women are considered to be the poorest of the poor. Women lacked access to resources including credit and technology. Because of the deterioration of the economic situation, the condition of women has been affected adversely. It has constrained government from allocating the necessary resources to the multiple roles of women and their access to development.

Women have a smaller loan size ostensibly because women are considered to have a lower capital absorptive capacity than men. Consequently, the women's loan packages, programmes, and services are smaller thereby limiting therange of their economic activities and returns.

Our strategies include loans, training, leadership, involvement, ownership of business, and identifying the importance of women's economic contribution to the family and to


the community and what difference these make to the development of the community.The Mustafa Bello Foundation Enterprise Development have therefore been recognized by the government, donor agencies, and NGOs as strategies for gender equality, poverty alleviation, community development, and above all for gender equality and women empowerment

Research has shown that:

  • There is a direct relationship between microcredit availability and economic development;
  • There is a direct relationship between microcrdit and women empowerment;
  • The availability of microcredit facilitates income generating activities among people and contributes to their increased standard of living;
  • That there is an association between microfinancial institutions and the development of financial sustainability among women;
The Mustafa Bello Foundation Enterprise Development Objectives are to:
  • Empower rural women economically, socially, politically and thereby promote sustainable development;
  • Promote popular participation and bottom-up approach in decision making;
  • Develop skills, improve knowledge, promote culture and consultation in decisional process;
  • Give poor rural women a sense of belonging and the opportunity to benefit from and contribute to the development of Niger state;
  • To provide loans directly to people at lower level with the capital needed to establish small-scale industries or enterprises
  • To provide employment opportunities at the lowest levels of the society
  • To improve the standards of living of the poorest of the people
  • To encourage producers at the lower levels to form cooperatives societies through which to promote development consciousness
  • To involve the private sector, state, and local governments in the funding of the production process; and
  • To reduce the rural to urban migration that leads to the congestion of the cities and impoverishment of the rural areas

    Micro-finance for women has been a popular poverty alleviation strategy . It has also been seen as an effective
    vehicle for women’s empowerment.

Mustafa Bello Foundation for Small Enterprise Development
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