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Our Services

Financial assistance

Wealth creation – and hence poverty reduction - will depend on economic growth strategies in both rural and urban worlds. Labour-intensive agricultural growth is essential for poverty reduction and is driven by access to both agricultural innovation and markets.

Access to markets requires adequate infrastructure and an environment that allows urban demand to be efficiently transmitted to rural suppliers. In this process Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are essential drivers of growth.

(MBFSED) is exploring with partners the best options to bridge critical market failures faced by SMEs in accessing financial services and business mentoring.

Professional consulting, lobbying, monitoring

MBFSED has diverse knowledge and experience in consulting and monitoring the appropriation of funding given to enterprises on several occasions. We carry out many projects and we examine whether monies are spent in line with the aims and regulations of the program and we sum up our experience in reports.

MBFSED is participating in the ex-ante evaluation of the Human Resources Development Operative Program and other projects connected community development. Our professional expertise cover supporting innovative enterprises, observing the accession process, developing syllabi, creating business and non-profit incubators and clusters, uncovering and proposing solutions for problems arising around telework and telehouses, generating projects, writing applications, assisting in the realization of a project, etc.

We brought credit to the poor, women and men , youth, illiterate, farmer, and the people who pleaded that they did not know how to invest money and earn an income. We created a methodology and an institution around the financial needs of the poor, and created access to credit on reasonable term enabling the poor to build on their existing skills to earn a better income in each cycle of loans.

Our Credit gives high priority on building social capital. It is promoted through formation of groups and centres, developing leadership quality through annual election of group and centre leaders, electing board members when the institution is owned by the borrowers. To develop a social agenda owned by the borrowers. It gives special emphasis on the formation of human capital and concern for protecting environment. It monitors children's education, provides scholarships and student loans for higher education.

Our services includes:

  • To promotes credit as a human right.
  • To help the poor families to help themselves to overcome poverty. It is targeted to the poor, particularly poor women.
    To offer credit is that is not based on any collateral, or legally enforceable contracts. It is based on "trust", not on legal procedures and system.
  • To offered creating self-employment for income-generating activities and housing for the poor, as opposed to consumption.
  • To initiated the programme as a challenge to the conventional banking which rejected the poor by classifying them to be "not creditworthy". As a result it rejected the basic methodology of the conventional banking and created its own methodology.
  • To provides service at the door-step of the poor based on the principle that the people should not go to the bank, bank should go to the people.
The MBFSED rule is to keep the interest rate as close to the market rate, prevailing in the commercial banking sector, as possible, without sacrificing sustain-ability. In fixing the interest rate market interest rate is taken as the reference rate, rather than the moneylenders' rate. Reaching the poor is a non-negotiable mission. Reaching sustainability is a directional goal. It must reach sustainability as soon as possible, so that it can expand its outreach without fund constraints.

Mustafa Bello Foundation for Small Enterprise Development
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