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About Us

The Mustafa Bello Foundation for Small Enterprise Development (MBFSED) was established in 2000 as a non governmental organization (NGO) to provide financial services and technical assistance to the low income, economically active, rural poor population for small scale enterprise development.

MBFSED operates exclusively in Niger State, with its office headquarters located in Minna, the State Capital. To achieve significant out-reach to the rural communities.

MBFSED has zonal offices in six local government areas of the state to coordinate and deliver Credit and Savings Mobilization Services as well as provide capacity building schemes.

MBFSED has developed savings mobilization schemes that will create stable revolving fund for on-lending to productive and income generating activities of rural entrepreneurs. MBFSED operates the savings scheme in collaboration with local branches of banks

Our aims:

  • Improving the culture of entrepreneurship in Niger state, extending entrepreneurs' professional knowledge and enhancing the competitive power of small enterprises in rural areas.
  • Strengthening the non-profit sector, facilitating the economic and political presence of less opportunity and minority groups.

Our activities:

  • Consultations (occasional and for projects)
  • Trainings to develop entrepreneurial skills and competences, accredited training programs;
  • Organizing professional events;
  • Research, monitoring and consulting.

Our main terget group:

  • Women
  • Family enterprises;
  • Youth;
  • Niger people;
  • Other NGOs.

Mustafa Bello Foundation for Small Enterprise Development
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